Magic Spotlights with Blue rays and glowing effect

Unlimited Amount of Backdrops Customize Your Own

Photo Studio Fun!

We do Photobooths differently. No boxy contraptions here or machine generated pics here. All our Photobooths come equipped with a living breathing photography expert. So don’t put your guest in a box! Unlike those cramped up boxy photobooths, Picture Bakery fits everyone into a perfect setting comfortably. A wide variety of props are included in every package and social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is available. Your guests can share their experience instantly online, rising your brand visibility and increased impressions, while sharing beautiful pictures and the good times being had for all to see. We don't do photo strips here. We deliver on the spot full size glossy pictures. Beautifully lit and perfectly branded, high resolution pictures is the take away for all in attendance.

Unlimited Amount of Backdrops

From refined corporate settings to crazy off the chart fun, we can import you and your guests into any background at anytime.

Frame Designs

We can place you on the cover of Time, People or Wired magazine and anything in between. From refined news page covers to leading gossip periodicals, we place and create graphic and text overlay’s on any picture to suite any occasion.

Green Screen Designs:

We can place you and your guests on a beach in Maui, a fall setting in Central Park, a party in France or how about at Petco Park with the Padres? The choice is yours with our green screen technology!

Step and Repeat:

Want your corporate logo as part of the backdrop? Allow you and your sponsor’s brands to shine as the centerpiece to all the photography fun.